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Letter from the President (December 29, 2022)

December 29, 2022
Dear colleagues, At the end of 2022, I am pleased to express, also on behalf of the AOPT board of trustees, the wish of a wonderful new year made of scientific progress, peace and solidarity for all of you. In the meantime, I want to give you some information regarding the Association’s activity. Nominations are open for appointment as member of the board of directors. Applications can be obtained from the Immediate Past President, Dr Tom Yorio or by using the form on the AOPT website. There is a change in membership dues and classes. The board voted to introduce changes to membership classes and due. The new fee structure for membership in AOPT starts January 2023: • $50 Associates (no change) • $100 Early Career (new class) • $175 regular (unchanged) • $200 USD for companies/industry (new class) Associates are graduate students, postdoctoral fellows or members-in-training who are within 5 years of their terminal degree. Early Career includes scientists, researchers, junior faculty who are within 6-10 years of their terminal degree. The new corporate class is for consultants and industry professionals. As always, you will have to be a member to attend the AOPT XVI Biennial Meeting held jointly in Indianapolis, Indiana and Shenyang, CH in August 2023. Individuals who choose to have access to the Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics (JOPT) included with their membership will need to select it as a separate pay line on their membership application. The cost of the magazine will be added to the membership fee as a pass-through cost. The above tariff changes were adopted due to the need to make them equal to those of other similar scientific societies and to increase the AOPT budget to be able to support initiatives in favor of young researchers.

Filippo Drago, M.D.,Ph.D.
University of Catania Medical School

Ashwat Jayagopal, Ph.D.
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Thomas Yorio, Ph.D.
University of North TX Health Science Center

Shusheng Wang

Cheryl L. Rowe-Rendleman, Ph.D.
Omar Consulting Group, LLC

Malinda Fitzgerald

Dan Stamer
Duke University


Sanjoy Bhattacharya
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Claudio Bucolo, Ph.D.
University of Catania, Italy

Dorette Ellis
University of North TX Health Science Center

Shahid Husain
Medical University of South Carolina

Goldis Malek
Duke University

Najam Sharif
Santen Inc., USA

Chi-Ho To

Heping Xu