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President’s Letter (February 15, 2021)

Catania, Italy (February 15, 2021)
Dr. Filippo Drago
Dear Colleagues,The 15th Biennial AOPT Conference is now ready to go and we are all excited to take part in this fantastic event which will be held virtually from March 4th to 7th 2021. More information, including the preliminary program, can be found at The occasion of the Conference is also to congratulate the newly appointed AOPT Fellows, Dr. Claudio Bucolo, Dr. Heping Xu, Dr. Cheryl L. Rowe-Rendleman, Dr. Peter Kador, Dr. Ganesh Prasanna. All these colleagues have been engaged for many years as AOPT officers and this recognition is for dedicated service to the Association. I have also been named AOPT Fellow and this will certainly increase my motivation to work harder for our community. I would also like to congratulate the 62 fellowship winners (young researchers and poster presenters) that the Conference will recognize. This is among the AOPT’s missions: to help and encourage young researchers working in the field of ocular pharmacology to continue to strive to advance in this field. It is a pleasure to inform you that in the last two months we have received more than 200 new applications to join the AOPT and more than 100 registrations to the Conference. Three weeks prior to the start of the Conference, we are proud to present a high-profile program featuring eighteen science sessions, four sponsored sessions, and lectures on hot topics and poster sessions. All our efforts would not have culminated in this result without the help of our institutional and industrial sponsors. I thank them for their generous support of the growth and advancement of research in Ocular Pharmacology.

Filippo Drago, M.D.,Ph.D.
University of Catania Medical School

Ashwat Jayagopal, Ph.D.
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Thomas Yorio, Ph.D.
University of North TX Health Science Center

Shusheng Wang

Cheryl L. Rowe-Rendleman, Ph.D.
Omar Consulting Group, LLC

Malinda Fitzgerald

Dan Stamer
Duke University


Sanjoy Bhattacharya
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Claudio Bucolo, Ph.D.
University of Catania, Italy

Dorette Ellis
University of North TX Health Science Center

Shahid Husain
Medical University of South Carolina

Goldis Malek
Duke University

Najam Sharif
Santen Inc., USA

Chi-Ho To

Heping Xu